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Configuring Server Parameters for ERMAdmin Object Manager

Complete the steps in the following procedure to make sure that the ERMAdmin Object Manager is referencing the correct Analytics Web Server parameters. Set the parameters, if necessary.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Performance Scorecard.

To determine the Analytics Web server parameters

  1. Navigate to the installation of the Analytics Web server.

    For example, if the Analytics Web is installed on smt4500i023, navigate to \\smt4500i023\SiebelAnalyticsData.

  2. Locate the Config directory (For example, <<\\smt4500i023\SiebelAnalyticsData\Web\config>>) and review the contents of the instanceconfig.xml file.

    The file system value is specified between the <MarketingFileSystem> tags. For example, <MarketingFileSystem>\\smt4500i023\sea18101\fs\</MarketingFileSystem>

To configure server parameters for Object Manager

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Server Configuration screen > Servers view.
  2. In the Siebel Servers list, select the Siebel server.
  3. Select the Parameters tab in the middle list, query for the parameter Marketing File System, and then set the Value On Restart and default Value fields to the same values as set for the Analytics Web server.

    For example, set the field values to \\smt4500i023\sea18101\fs.

  4. In the middle list applet, click on the Parameters tab, and query for the parameter Default Analytics Web Server.
  5. Set Value On Restart and the default Value fields to the Default KPI Analytics Server.
  6. Restart the Siebel server.
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