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Preserving Analytics Web Catalogs

Complete the steps in the following procedure if your organization has an existing Analytics server with a Web catalog and your organization wants to preserve the Web catalog for use with other servers. Omit this procedure if it does not apply to your organization's implementation.

For example, you may wish to preserve the Web catalogs (for example, KPI Analytics requests) for use with different Analytics Web installations so that you do not need to recreate the Web catalogs each time they are required. Using the procedure, you can save a previously created Web catalog and then move it from AnalyticsWebServerName1 to AnalyticsWebServerName2.

For more information about backing up and maintaining the Web catalog, see Siebel Analytics Web Administration Guide.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Performance Scorecard.

To preserve a Web catalogs for use with other Analytics servers

  1. Save the most recent .autosave file, located in the following directory:


    For example, save SiebelAnalytics.webcat.16.autosave from \\<AnalyticsWebServerName1>\SiebelAnalyticsData\Web\Catalog.

  2. In the \\<AnalyticsWebServerName2>\SiebelAnalyticsData\Web\Catalog directory, perform the following steps:
    1. Back up the existing SiebelAnalytics.webcat file.
    2. Paste a copy of the autosave file saved in Step 1, and rename it SiebelAnalytics.webcat.
    3. Remove the SiebelAnalytics.webcat.version file.
  3. Restart the Siebel Analytics Web Server.
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