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Configuring the Performance Scorecard Dashboard

The Performance Scorecard view holds the Siebel Analytics Performance Scorecard dashboard. Before the dashboard can be used, you must confirm that the integration between the Performance Scorecard dashboard and the Siebel application is occurring properly.

NOTE:  Siebel Analytics application versions prior to Siebel Analytics 7.8 do not include the Performance Scorecard dashboard.

In addition, if you plan to use the Performance Scorecard Parent-Child Objectives feature, you must configure this feature within the Performance Scorecard application.

The Parent-Child Objectives feature allows end users to link objectives so that there is a line-of-sight view of who is working on which objectives in the organization. Each user can select an objective from the current period as a parent objective, establishing a connection with an entire chain of objectives.

This chain of objectives activates the drill path functionality that occurs in the Analytics Scorecard view within the Performance Scorecard dashboard. If the chain of objectives is not established, automatic drill-path functionality is not available, although a method can be employed by using Siebel Answers functionality.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Performance Scorecard.

Configuring Parent-Child Objectives

Complete the steps in the following procedure to configure parent-child objectives so that drill-down functionality is enabled in Performance Scorecard. For more information about using Siebel Tools, see Using Siebel Tools.

To turn on Parent-Child Objective functionality

  1. Launch Siebel Tools, and in the Object Explorer, click the Flat tab.
  2. In the Siebel Objects list, select Applet Web Template Item, and then query for Name=Parent Objective.

    Thirty inactivated records should appear.

  3. Activate each record by setting the value Inactive to FALSE.
  4. Compile projects ERM Performance Management and ERM Performance Management Admin onto siebel.srf.

Verifying Performance Scorecard Integration

It is not required that you use Siebel Analytics to show the Performance Scorecard. However, if you are displaying the Scorecard using Siebel Analytics, you must make sure the Performance Scorecard Symbolic URL is set up correctly.

Complete the steps in the following procedures to verify integration of the Performance Scorecard dashboard and your Siebel application.

To verify Performance Scorecard integration

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Integration screen > WI Symbolic URL List view.
  2. From the visibility filters, select Symbolic URL Administration.
  3. In the Symbolic URL Administration list, query for Performance Scorecard.

    The Performance Scorecard Symbolic URL and the associated Arguments should appear, as shown in the following example figure.

    Click for full size image

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