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Configuring the Root Path for KPIs in Siebel Analytics Data Load Catalog

As an administrator, you can change the default catalog path in the Siebel Analytics Data Load Catalog. The path is used when you pick a KPI Request from the KPI Administration screen.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Performance Scorecard.

To change the default Siebel Analytics Data Load Catalog path

  1. Launch Siebel Tools.
  2. From the Siebel Objects list, select Business Components.
  3. Query for the Business Component called ERM KPI Analytics Report VBC.
  4. Find the User Properties for t he business component, and edit the properties Initial Path 1 and Initial Path 2 as follows:

    Initial Path 1 = /shared/ERM

    Initial Path 2 = /users/[LOGIN]

    You can also add another user property. The edited user properties become the default catalog paths.

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