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KPIs and Scorecard Administration

Using the Performance Scorecard application, an organization can periodically track the metrics for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and objectives to assess how well performance goals are being met.

In a typical organization, the executives and manager set objectives and then roll down the tactical portions of these objectives to individual employees. Each individual employee creates his or her own objectives (or receives prebuilt objectives) and associates the objectives with a Key Performance Indicator (KPI). The employee sets Targets (goals) for the KPI for a specific time period. The application combines the complete set of objectives and KPIs and creates a view of overall performance called the Scorecard. Executives and managers can view each employee's scorecard to determine how the individual, or a segment of the organization, is performing.

Because the Performance Scorecard application is an add-on module to the Siebel Objectives and Reviews application, administrators must understand, set up, and be able to administer the Objectives and Reviews application before administering and using Performance Scorecard.

Before beginning Performance Scorecard administration, review the concepts in the following topics:

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