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Siebel Personalization Components

Table 3 lists the Siebel Personalization main components.

Table 3.  Siebel Personalization Components

Personalization rules

Controls visibility and content in user interface elements such as applets and views.

Personalization rules are evaluated at run time and use the available information about the user, such as his or her profile and any transaction information.

Rules can control the visibility of views and applets or control the contents displayed in an applet.

Personalization rules are created and managed in the Personalization Administration screens.

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Run-time events

Allows applications to change in real time based on user inputs.

Run-time events are triggered in response to user actions.

Business managers can configure the actions in response to any event.

Run-time events and the actions that trigger them are created and managed in the Administration - Runtime Events screen.

For more information on run-time events, see Tracking Run-Time Events.

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