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Performance Considerations

Figure 3 shows that in Siebel Personalization, a profile attribute consists of a person component and an organization component.

Figure 3.  Personalization Profile

When you implement action sets and events associated with the Personalization profile attributes, consider the following:

  • It takes two queries to load profile attributes and two queries to save them. One query is for the person, and the second query is for the organization. These attributes are loaded the first time Siebel Personalization accesses a persistent profile attribute.
  • If only a person's persistent attributes are set, the system will not load and save the organization component of the Personalization profile and vice versa.
  • Using only dynamic attributes will save two queries on startup and two on exiting, as the persistent profile would not be loaded or saved.
  • If the user does not modify a persistent profile attribute during a session, then two queries are saved, because nothing is saved to the database.
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