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About Dynamic User Profile Attributes

Dynamic attributes are created at run time and are not based on any business component fields. They are session specific.

Dynamic attributes are set and modified by actions the user takes while navigating the system, and are never written to the database. They allow real-time modification of the user experience. They are related to the state of the user, as determined when he or she entered the application.

Dynamic Attributes Set at Run Time

The login process can also automatically enter dynamic attributes. Table 9 lists the dynamic profile attributes that are set by the system at run time.

Table 9.  Dynamic Attributes Set at Run Time
Dynamic Profile Attribute
Possible Values



Is Anonymous



Name of the application


Name of the active view

About Retrieving Dynamic Attributes

Dynamic attributes are retrieved the same way as persistent attributes, using GetProfileAttr(). If the attribute is not set (or does not exist) for a given user, it will return nothing, but will not give an error message.

Dynamic profile attributes can be different for each user. When a dynamic profile attribute is set, it exists for that user only. This works because of how dynamic attributes are set and retrieved: no errors occur if an administrator references dynamic attributes that do not exist. If a dynamic profile attribute does not exist and the user sets it, a new one is created.

NOTE:  The ActiveViewName profile attribute is set after the user has been navigated to the view.

Dynamic Profile Attribute Examples

The following are examples of the usage of dynamic profile attributes:

  • GetProfileAttr(AttrDoesNotExist) returns NULL.
  • SetProfileAttr(NewAttribute,value) creates a new dynamic profile attribute.
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