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Finding the Name of a View

See also Process of Setting View Visibility and Setting the Visibility of a View.

Before you can set the visibility of a view, you must know its name. Table 21 describes how to find the name of the view depending on the application.

Table 21.  Finding a View Based on the Application
If it is...

employee application

Navigate to the view and choose Help > About View.

This displays information about the view, its applets, and its business components.

a customer application

Navigate to the view, right-click, and then choose View Source.

In the <script> section of the source file, the name of the view is shown after SWEView: in each instance of action. This method also works for employee applications.

Siebel Tools

Choose the Screen object, query for the screen containing the view whose name you want to know, and then select the Screen View object.

This displays the views in the Name field. This method works for all applications.

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