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Disposition Types Summary

Table 3 summarizes the characteristics of each disposition type.

Table 3. Disposition Type Summary
Disposition Type


  • Inline integration into the Siebel user interface.
  • Session Management, including managing session cookies and automatic re-login after time out.
  • Only works in very few cases.
  • Will not work with complex JavaScript.
  • Will not work if there are reference to frames.
  • Supports the GET method only.
  • URL limited to 2048 characters.


  • Inline integration into the Siebel user interface.Supports complex JavaScript.
  • Supports references to frames.
  • Session Keep Alive supported.
  • Works for most cases.
  • No session management.
  • Only supported by IE5.5 and higher.
  • Does not support frames that reference top-level JavaScript objects.

Web Control

  • Supports frames that reference top-level JavaScript Objects, because JavaScript does not refer to objects outside of the Web control.
  • No session management.
  • Browser functionality, such as the back button, is only available by right-clicking in the Web control.
  • ActiveX objects that contain other objects are reset if you change tabs and then return to the Web control.
  • Web control requires more system overhead than IFrame.
  • Only supported for IE4 and higher.
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