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About Discount Matrix Dimensions

A discount matrix is a logical grouping of prices or adjustments that apply when specific combinations of criteria for prices or adjustments are met. For example, a discount matrix might contain all the adjustments for products when sold to specific account types, or all the adjustments for products when sold in specific regions.

Before you create discount matrices, you must determine the criteria for the prices or adjustments, based on your company's business model. After identifying criteria, you may begin creating the discount matrix. The criteria for the prices or adjustments will be the unique dimensions (or columns) of the discount matrix.

Along with the criteria dimensions, your discount matrix will include other dimensions. To continue the example, assume your company provides different discounts for each product based on the account type it is sold to and the region where it is sold. It would use the following dimensions:

  • Criteria Dimensions. These are the fields that uniquely identify the adjustment. In the example, these dimensions would be Product, Account Type, and Region. For each record, all of the criteria dimensions must be populated.
  • Calculation Dimensions. These fields allow administrators to enter various adjustments for the unique combinations of the discount criteria across various effective dates. These fields include Adjustment Type, Adjustment Amount, Currency Code, Effective Start Date, and Effective End Date.
  • Result Dimensions. These fields allow administrators to associate other information to the adjustment record that may be needed in the quote, order, or agreement later in the pricing procedure, or by back-end systems. These fields include Volume Discount Schedule, Attribute Adjustment Matrix, Pricing Procedure, Aggregate Discount, and Accounting Code.

The discount details list will include the criteria dimensions that were selected when you created the discount matrix, as well as the default calculation and result dimensions. Each set of dimensions is configurable and extensible.

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