Pricing Administration Guide

What's New in This Release

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Overview of Pricing Administration

About Pricing Administration

Activating Pricing Workflows

Siebel Pricer Version 7.8 and Earlier Versions

About the Processing Order of Price Adjustments

Clearing Pricing Data from the Cache

Which Type of Promotion Pricing to Use

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Creating and Assigning Price Lists

About Price Lists

About Sales Products and Service Products

Price List Prerequisites

Process of Creating a Price List

Creating a Price List Header

Creating Price List Line Items for Products

Creating Price List Line Items for Service Products

About Setting Up Service Pricing

Setting Up Service Pricing as a Percentage of a Covered Product

Setting Up Service Pricing with Adjustments Based on a Covered Product

About Effective Dates for Pricing Line Items

Giving a Product Multiple Prices with Different Effective Dates

Creating a Price List Line Item for a Simple Product Bundle

Copying and Modifying a Price List

Copying and Transforming a Price List

Importing Price Lists Using Siebel EIM

Assigning Price Lists to Users

Enabling Price List-Specific and Line Item-Specific Pricing Logic

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Creating and Assigning Rate Lists

About Rate Lists

Process of Creating Rate Lists

Creating Resources as Products

Creating a Rate List Record

Creating Rate List Line Items

Copying and Modifying a Rate List

Copying and Transforming a Rate List

Assigning a Rate List to a User

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Creating and Using Cost Lists

About Cost Lists

Process of Creating Cost Lists

Creating the Price List or Rate List the Cost List Will Reference

Creating the Cost List Record

Creating the Cost List Line Item Records

Entering the Indirect Costs

Associating the Cost List with a Price List or Rate List

Updating a Price List's Costs

Viewing the Product Cost and Margin

Using Asset Mapping to Value Assets

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Creating Volume Discounts

About Volume Discounts

Process of Setting Up a Volume Discount

Creating a Volume Discount Record

Creating Volume Discount Line Items

Linking the Volume Discount to a Price List or Discount Matrix

About Reusing Volume Discounts for Multiple Currencies

Volume Discounts and Products with Components

Volume Discounts Across Line Items

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Creating Aggregate Discounts

About Aggregate Discounts

Buy and Receive Products for Aggregate Discounts

Process of Creating Aggregate Discounts

Adding an Aggregate Discount Record

Defining Aggregate Discount Sequence

Attaching an Aggregate Discount Sequence to a Price List

Aggregate Discounts for "Buy One, Get One Free" Discounts

Aggregate Discounts for Products with Components

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Creating Product Promotions

About Product Promotions

Process of Creating Product Promotions

Setting Up Image Files for Product Promotions

Creating the Product Promotion Record

Specifying Products for Product Promotions

Specifying Pricing for Product Promotions

Defining Eligibility Rules for Product Promotions

Defining Compatibility Rules for Product Promotions

Customizing Recommendation Messages for Product Promotions

Creating Translations of Recommendation Messages for Product Promotions

Specifying Terms and Conditions of Product Promotions

Releasing the Product Promotion

Creating Product Promotions That Upgrade Existing Promotions

Viewing a Summary of a Product Promotion

Managing Versions of Product Promotions

Viewing the Schedules of All Product Promotions

About Product Promotions for Customizable Products

Changing the Cardinality of Components of Product Promotions

Constraining the Products Available for a Component of a Product Promotion

Constraining the Attributes Available for a Product in a Product Promotion

Activating Workflows for Product Promotion

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Creating Discount Matrices

About Discount Matrices

About Discount Matrix Dimensions

About Discount Matrix Types

Product-Based Adjustment Discount Matrices

Entitlement-Based Adjustment Discount Matrices

Training-Based Adjustment Discount Matrices

Defining Discount Matrices

Entering Discount Matrix Details

Discount Matrix Integration

About Configuring Discount Matrices

Adding New Dimensions to Existing Discount Matrix Types

Creating New Discount Matrix Types for Custom Tables

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Creating Attribute Adjustments

About Attribute Pricing

Attribute Adjustments Design

About the Attribute Adjustments View

Using Variable Maps in Attribute Adjustments

How Attribute Adjustments Apply Rules

Single and Multiple Type Attribute Adjustments

Order of Conditions in Multiple-Condition Pricing Tables

Using Wildcards in Attribute Adjustments

Preventing Users from Selecting Invalid Combinations of Attributes

Process of Creating an Attribute Adjustment

Adding an Attribute Adjustment Record

Specifying Attribute Adjustment Dimensions and Domains

Adding Attribute Adjustment Conditions

Associating Attribute Adjustments with Price List Line Items

Example of Creating an Attribute Adjustment Based on Product Attributes

Example of Creating an Attribute Adjustment with Nonproduct Attributes

Best Practices for Creating Attribute Adjustments

How the Pricing Procedure Uses Attribute Adjustments

Upgrade Considerations for Attribute Adjustments

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Setting Up Pricing for Products with Components

About Component-Based Pricing

Impact of Product Versioning and Price List Line Item Effectivity on Component-Based Pricing

Viewing a Product's Components in the Pricing Designer

About Setting Up Component-Based Pricing

Setting Up Base Pricing for Products With Components

Setting Up Summation or Rollup Pricing for Products With Components

Viewing and Changing the Reference Price

Viewing the Reference Price

Exposing the Starting Price At in the Product Catalog

Verifying Component Prices Across Time Intervals

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Creating Pricing Reports

About Pricing Reports

Descriptions of Available Reports

Running Reports

About Creating and Modifying Reports

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Pricing in the Run-Time Application

Pricing Waterfalls

Configuring Pricing Waterfalls

Contract-Based Pricing

About Hierarchical Contract-Based Pricing

Defining Contract Pricing in the Agreements Screen

Defining Contract Pricing in the Discount Matrices View

Giving the Customer the Best Entitlement Price

Multiple Price Types and Totals

About Configuring Pricing Fields in Catalog, eSales, and Configurator

Multiple Currencies in a Quote, Order, or Agreement

Spread Discount Pricing

About the Spread Discount Algorithm

About Use of the Spread Discount Service with Pricing Procedures

About Configuring the Spread Discount Source Field

Totaling and Rollups of Pricing

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Siebel Pricer Technical Reference

Siebel Pricer Architecture

Pricing Procedures and Workflow References

PSP Driver Workflow Process Workflow

Basic Pricing Procedure Workflow

Dynamic Pricing Procedure Workflow

Switching from Basic to Dynamic Pricing Procedure

Pricing Procedure - Calculate Net Price Workflow

Pricing Procedure - Aggregate Discounts Workflow

Pricing Procedure - Service Workflow

Miscellaneous Pricing Workflows

PSP Dynamic Matrix - Refresh Matrix Cache Workflow

PSP Waterfall Synch to DB Workflow

Spread Discount Driver Workflow Process Workflow

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Siebel Pricer Deployment and Integration

About Pricing Integration

Integration Methods for Siebel Pricer

Internal Integration of Siebel Pricer

External Integration of Siebel Pricer Using UAN

External Integration of Siebel Pricer Using Pricer as a Service

Siebel Pricing Manager API Reference

Workflows for External Pricing API

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Pricing Administration Guide