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About Attribute Pricing

Users may customize products by selecting attributes of the product, such as size and color. Attribute-based pricing adjusts the price based on the attributes chosen, and displays the adjusted price in the quote or order.

For example, a sales agent might create a quote for a car and select the leather upholstery attribute. After selecting the leather upholstery attribute, the agent sees the net price increase by $1000, the cost of this attribute. A home shopper using a Web site might select the same car model, but select the plush interior attribute. This shopper sees the net price increase by $500, the cost of this attribute. These two different users might be using different price lists, so their attribute adjustments might be different.

In earlier versions, you used attribute-based pricing only to define pricing based on attributes of a product. In version 7.8, the Attribute Adjustments view extends and generalizes the earlier attribute-based pricing feature, so it can also be used for defining price adjustments based on other criteria (such as Status of an Account, Age of an Asset, and so on) in addition to product attributes.

To create attribute adjustments, first you define a list of attributes that affect and the adjustments needed for each. Then, you associate the attribute adjustments with the product in a price list. Because the product can be in multiple price lists, you can create multiple attribute adjustments for the product that are used in different price lists.

This chapter assumes that you have general background knowledge about attribute-based products, classes, and attribute values. For more information, see Product Administration Guide. This chapter also assumes that you have general background knowledge about how the PSP engine works. For more information, see Siebel Order Management Infrastructure Guide.

NOTE:  If you use attribute-based pricing with other types of price adjustments, the final price depends on the order in which Siebel Pricer applies the pricing adjustments. For more information, see About the Processing Order of Price Adjustments.

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