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About Configuring Pricing Fields in Catalog, eSales, and Configurator

In earlier versions, Siebel Catalog, eSales, and Configurator supported only two pricing fields. In version 7.8, they can be configured to add additional pricing fields.

Without configuration, Siebel Catalog includes two pricing fields: List Price and Your Price for simple products, and Starting At Price and Your Price for customizable products. You can configure Siebel Catalog to add additional price fields. For more information about Siebel Catalog, see Siebel Order Management Guide.

Without configuration, the Siebel eSales catalog and shopping cart both include the same two pricing fields as catalog. For more information about eSales, see Siebel eSales Administration Guide.

Without configuration, Siebel Configurator includes two pricing fields: Starting At Price and Your Price. You can configure these by changing the configurator template. For more information about Configurator, see Product Administration Guide.

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