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Multiple Price Types and Totals

Multiple price types allow you to create simple products that have one of three price types. You can also create customizable products with components and assign a price type to each component and to the product root. Price Type is a required field when you define a product.

The three price types are:

  • One-Time. This price is charged only once. For example, you assign this price type to a piece of equipment that the customer can purchase.
  • Recurring. This price is charged on a recurring basis. For example, you assign this price type to a service to which the customer subscribes.
  • Usage. This price is charged based on customer consumption. For example, you assign this price type to an electric service that is billed by kilowatt hour of usage. The Usage price type is provided for information only and is not used in any price calculations.

When a product has multiple price types, quotes and orders must also have multiple price totals—one for charges of each price type and unit of measure. This is important because these different types of prices cannot be added up as one total, because they use different units of measure (each and per month).

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