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Releasing the Product Promotion

When you created the new Product Promotion record, a version of it named Work Space was automatically created and the Locked check box was automatically selected in Product Promotions > Versions view.

When you have finished the entire process of defining the product promotion, you must release this version and refresh the cache to make the new version available to users.

Promotion versioning works differently from product versioning. Promotion versions only impact the Start Date, End Date, Active, and Check Eligibility and Compatibility (although this field is not versioned in the 7.8.2 release) fields of the promotion. Every other aspect of product promotions is uniform across all active versions of the promotion. The user must refresh the cache after making any changes to the promotion definition.

This task is a step in Process of Creating Product Promotions.

To release the product promotion

  1. In the Product Promotions > Versions view, in the Work Space record, complete the necessary fields, as described in the following table.

    Required Start Date

    Enter the date when the promotion becomes available.


    Select this check box to make the promotion available.

  2. Click Release New Version.
  3. From the Versions form menu, select Refresh Cache.
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