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Giving a Product Multiple Prices with Different Effective Dates

Price lists, cost lists, discount matrices, and component-product price adjustments have effective dates for the list or group as a whole. You can also enter effective dates for individual line items.

Effective dates for individual line items allow you to change prices rapidly and track changes to a product's prices. For example, if you have different prices for certain products during different seasons, you can include prices for all the seasons in one price list, so prices change automatically when the season changes.

As a best practice, you should not delete line items from a price list or directly modify the value of prices at a line level. In order to make price changes, you should create multiple line item records with different effective dates, as described below.

This section describes how to create effective dates for line items in price lists. Use the same methods for cost lists, discount matrices, or component-product price adjustments.

When you use the method described here to add multiple line items for the same product with different effective dates, the application does not create line items with overlapping effective dates. For information about how the application resolves this issue, see About Effective Dates for Pricing Line Items.

To create multiple prices with different effective dates

  1. Create one pricing line item for the product as described in Creating Price List Line Items for Products.
  2. Select the pricing line item for the product, and then click New Effective Date.

    A new line item is created for the same product.

  3. In the new line item, enter the Start Date and End Date for the new time interval.
  4. If necessary, repeat Step 2 and Step 3 to continue adding more line items with different effective dates for the product.
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