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Entering Discount Matrix Details

After a discount matrix has been defined, you enter details of each price adjustment in the matrix.

You must make entries in all the criteria dimension columns that have been defined.

Enter effective dates in the same way as price lists, as described in Giving a Product Multiple Prices with Different Effective Dates. If you create records with overlapping effective dates, the product resolves the issues in the same way as price lists, as described in About Effective Dates for Pricing Line Items.

When you enter Discount Detail records, you should enter a value in the Currency Code field if the Adjustment Type is Price Override, Discount Amount, or Markup Amount. By default, the Currency Code field value is the system currency.

To enter details in a discount matrix

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Pricing screen > Discount Matrices View.
  2. In the Discount Matrices list, click the name of the matrix to which you want to add details.

    The dimensions in the Discount Details list applet are as follows:

    • The criteria dimensions specified on the discount matrix
    • The default calculation dimensions
    • The default result dimensions
  3. In the Discount Details list, add a new record for each combination of criteria dimension values for which you want to define a price adjustment.

    In each record, you must enter values for all the criteria dimensions.

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