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Creating Translations of Recommendation Messages for Product Promotions

You can translate the recommendation message in multiple languages. The language that is displayed depends on the language of the user's application.

This task is a step in Process of Creating Product Promotions.

To specify recommendation messages for a product promotion

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Product screen > Product Promotions view.
  2. In the Product Promotions list, select the promotion.
  3. Click the Messaging view tab.
  4. For each language in which the message will be displayed, add a record to the Messaging list and complete the necessary fields. Some fields are described in the following table.

    Language Name

    This field displays the name of the language after you select the language code.

    Language Code

    Select the language code—for example, select ENU for American English or ENG for British English.


    Enter the text of the recommendation message in the appropriate language.

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