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Constraining the Products Available for a Component of a Product Promotion

By default, a component of a customizable product in a product promotion has the products available that are defined in Configurator. However, you can modify the products that are available for the component so that the promotion offers only a subset of the products defined in Configurator.

For example, as defined in Configurator, a computer may be available with five different monitors. For the promotion, you may want to offer only two of those monitors.

To change the products available as a component of a product promotion

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Product screen > Product Promotions view.
  2. In the Product Promotions list, select the desired promotion.
  3. Click the Products view tab.
  4. In the Products list, click the Product Name field of the customizable product.

    The structure of that product is displayed.

  5. In the Relationships list, select the Component you want to change.
  6. In the Relationship Domain list, click Modify.

    All the products in the Relationship Domain list are deleted.

  7. In the Relationship Domain list, click Add Item, and in the Domain Product field, select a product.
  8. Repeat Step 7 until you have added all the products that should be available for that component in the promotion.
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