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Pricing Waterfalls

The final net price that is charged to a customer is usually the result of many pricing adjustments. It begins with the product's list price, and then adjusts the price because of volume discounts, attribute pricing, aggregate discount pricing, manual price adjustments entered by the sales representative, and many other possible types of price adjustments.

The pricing waterfall lets the user see all the steps that went into calculating the net price. It is a list of prices that begins with the list price showing the price adjustments—in the order they were applied—with the price after each adjustment, ending with the final net price.

Pricing waterfalls include any manual price adjustments that the sales representative entered at the time of sale, as well as price adjustments applied by the pricing engine.

The end user displays a pricing waterfall by clicking the net price in any line item of a quote, order, or agreement. A pop-up pricing waterfall applet appears that lists all the steps used to calculate the net price. The fields in each row of the pricing waterfall applet are described in Table 19.

Table 19. Pricing Waterfall Fields


This field describes the price adjustment for this line, such as manual line item adjustment or volume discount. Alternatively, this field gives the list price or other start price and notes the price list it came from.


This field displays the type of the adjustment. Examples are % Discount, Discount Amount, or Override. The start price is considered an override.


This field displays the value used by the adjustment, whose use depends on the adjustment type. For example, if the adjustment type is % Discount, and the Adjustment Amount is 15, the adjustment is a 15 percent discount. If the adjustment type is Discount Amount, and the Adjustment Amount is 15, the adjustment is a discount of $15 (assuming the currency is dollars). If the adjustment type is Override, and the Adjustment Amount is 15, the adjustment is to replace the price with a price of $15 (assuming the currency is dollars).


This field displays the current price in each step of the price calculation. In the first row, this is the start price. In the last row, it is the final net price.

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