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Copying and Transforming a Rate List

The Transform function allows you to transform a copy of an existing rate list by making sweeping changes to rates. It lets you change every rate without modifying each individual line item separately. Using the Transform options, you can:

  • Change all list prices by the percentage you specify. For example, you can increase all list prices to 130 percent of their previous value.
  • Convert all list prices to a different currency. You specify the currency and the conversion date, and the prices are converted automatically.
  • Apply a pricing procedure to a rate list, changing some or all rates depending on the design of the procedure. To do this, you must create the pricing procedure and the workflow that calls it before you do the following procedure. For more information, see Siebel Order Management Infrastructure Guide.

To transform a rate list

  1. Select the rate list you want to transform.
  2. From the Rate Lists list menu, select Transform.

    The Transform Rate List form appears.

  3. Enter information in the Transform Rate List form, as described in the following table, and then click Transform.

    Transformed Rate List Name

    Enter the name of the rate list to be transformed.

    Destination Rate List

    Enter the name of the rate list resulting from the transformation.

    Currency Code

    Select the currency you want to use for prices in the transformed rate list. The default value is the currency of the copied rate list; if you are not changing currencies, keep the default.

    Exchange Date

    Enter the date for the currency exchange rate. The system will use the exchange rate on that day to convert currency. You must enter the date if you are converting currencies.

    Markup or Discount %

    Enter a percentage to be applied to the list price for each product in the rate list. For example, to increase all list prices by 30 percent, you would enter 130. To decrease all list prices by 20 percent, you would enter 80. The default value is 100 percent; if you do not want to change prices, keep this default.

    Pricing Procedure

    If you are using a pricing procedure to transform the prices, select the workflow that calls the pricing procedure.

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