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Creating Price List Line Items for Service Products

A price list line item for a specific service product includes the product name, the product price, and related information, such as the time when the service price is effective. Adding a record to the Service Pricing view is equivalent to adding a service product to the price list.

As a shortcut, if you are adding the same service product with different time intervals, you can click the New Effective Date button to add another record for the same service product, so you have to enter only the new start date, end date, and price. The time interval is the period when the service is delivered.

You can also base service pricing on the covered asset, as described in About Setting Up Service Pricing.

This task is a step in Process of Creating a Price List.

To add a new price list line item for a service product

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Pricing screen > Price Lists view.

    The Price Lists view appears, displaying the currently defined price lists.

  2. In the Price List form, select the price list to which you want to add a line item.
  3. Click the Service Pricing view tab.
  4. In the Service Pricing list, click New.

    The Add Products dialog box appears.

  5. Use the Add Products dialog box to add the product to the price list.
  6. If the product is a product with components, see the instructions in Setting Up Pricing for Products with Components.
  7. Complete the fields in the Service Pricing record and the Service Pricing Details form, as described in the following table.


    Select a product name using the Add Products dialog box.


    When this check box is selected, it means that the product has components. This value is based on the product definition and is read-only in this screen.

    Service Product

    This check box is selected if this is a service product. This information depends on the product definition.

    List Price

    Enter a list price, the standard price used for most transactions and the most commonly used target price for price adjustments.

    CAUTION:  If the list price and price override are both omitted, the product may be offered with no price—the equivalent of a zero price.

    Start Date and End Date

    If this line item has different effective dates from the price list, enter the start date when the pricing becomes effective, and the end date when it is no longer effective. To enter values in these fields, use the method described in Giving a Product Multiple Prices with Different Effective Dates.

    Service Price Method

    Specify the basis used for calculating the price markup of the service product from the covered product. The options are the list price and net price of the covered product. The percentage entered in the Service Price % field is applied to the price you specify in this field, and the resulting amount is added to the list price of the service to calculate the price.

    Service Price %

    Enter a percentage that is used to mark up the price of the service product. The price for this service product is the list price of the service product plus this percentage of the net or list price of the covered product, depending on whether you selected net price or list price in the Service Price Method field.

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