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Entering the Indirect Costs

After entering the direct cost of the product, you can also enter indirect costs associated with the product, such as your cost of ordering products, receiving products, and shipping products to customers. These indirect costs apply to all the products in the cost list. Enter an average cost per unit for all your products.

To enter indirect costs

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Pricing screen > Cost Lists view.
  2. In the Cost Lists list, select the cost list to which you want to add indirect costs.
  3. Click the Cost List Indirect Costs view tab.
  4. In the Cost List Indirect Costs Items list, click New.
  5. Complete the fields in the Cost List Indirect Costs record, as described in the following table, and continue to add these records until you have entered all indirect costs.

    Expense Object

    Select the type of indirect cost, such as shipment, receipt, or demonstration.

    Cost Per Unit

    Enter the cost per unit of this indirect cost, spreading the total indirect cost across all the products or services in the cost list.


    Enter a comment for your own use.

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