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About Product Promotions

Product promotions are created in the Administration - Product screen. They represent the marketing definition of a product. Product promotions are time-sensitive, and they state discounted prices and contractual terms.

Product promotions may be broadly classified to belong to either of these two types:

  • Coupons. This promotion includes a single product or service. This sort of promotion is used primarily for retail sales and is also called a retail promotion.
  • Bundled promotions. This promotion includes a group of products or services.

End users can select product promotions in two ways:

  • Top-down selection. If the customer receives an offer or sees an advertisement for the promotion, the customer can order the promotion. The customer or sales representative adds the promotion to the order, and all of the products in the promotion are added as line items to the quote or order. This selection method usually applies to bundled promotions.
  • Bottom-up selection. If the customer adds products to a quote or order that have product promotions available, the sales representative or the application can recommend the promotion. When a customer is purchasing some products in a bundle promotion, the application can automatically recommend the bundle promotion. There can be an auto-recommendation if the customer has these products in a quote or order as new items, and if they are not already covered by another promotion.

For more information about how end users work with product promotions, see Siebel Order Management Guide.

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