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Copying and Modifying a Price List

After building a price list, you can copy and modify it to create a new price list for different types of customers or markets. For example, you might use a price list named United States Price List as the basis for creating new price lists for different countries, locations, organizations, currencies, accounts, or demographics.

To modify the data in more elaborate ways, you use the Transform functionality, described in the following section, instead of modifying the data manually.

NOTE:  Do not edit the Currency field when you copy and modify a price list. To modify this field, use the Transform function, described in Copying and Transforming a Price List.

To copy and modify a price list

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Pricing screen > Price Lists view.
  2. In the Price Lists list, select the price list you want to copy.
  3. In the Price Lists list, click the menu button, and then click Copy Record.

    A new Price List record appears with all of the data from the original price list, except for the original price list name.

  4. Modify the information in the fields of the price list header and the price list line items.

    Either edit the fields directly or click the menu button, click Change Records, and then use the Change Records dialog box to modify the record.

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