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Setting Up Project-Related List of Values Entries

You may need to set up some values for drop-down lists used with projects. You do so by adding values to the appropriate list of values (LOVs). The following procedure explains how to add an entry to a LOV.

For more information about LOVs, see Applications Administration Guide. For information about using lists of values for a global deployment, see Global Deployment Guide.

To add a new value to a project-related list of values

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Data screen > List of Values view.
  2. In the List of Values list, click Query.
  3. In the Type field, click the select button to display the Pick Value Type dialog box, and then complete the following substeps:
    1. In the Pick Value Type dialog box, use query or find to select the name (here called Type) of the list of values to which you want to add a value.

      For information about list of values types that are commonly used for projects, see Table 1.

    2. In the Pick Value Type dialog box select the record for the type you want, and then click OK to close the dialog box and return to the main window.
  4. In the List of Values list, click Menu and then click Run Query.

    The current values for the selected list of values type appear.

  5. In the List of Values list, add a new record.
  6. In the Type field of the new record, enter the same type you selected in Step 3 of this procedure.
  7. In the Display Value and Language-Independent Code fields, enter the new value that you want to add to the selected list of values.
  8. Select the check box in the Translate field.
  9. In the Language Name field, click the select button, select the language in the Language Name dialog box, and click OK.
    Table 1. Most Commonly Used Project-Related List of Values Types


    Classifications used to separate employee hours into usage categories. The project class is the default class on an employee's time sheet line items.


    Describes the nature of the project.


    Affects the default sort order of the projects. Useful in queries.


    Explains how you plan to bill the customer.


    The role a partner would play while engaged on a project. Typical values include consultant, business analyst, and developer.


    Defines the fields you can choose from when setting up Microsoft Project field mappings. For more information about Microsoft Project and Siebel Professional Services Automation, see Microsoft Project Integration.


    The business component to be used for a mapping category when creating Microsoft Project Plan mappings.


    A role a member on the team workbook will play. This is defined per project. Team workbook members can play more than one role; enter them more than once on the team workbook.


    The assignment status of an employee on the team workbook. Used for reserving resources or staffing resources. Allows you to play "what-if" with your staffing before finalizing your plans.


    A task entered for a project. These are the values for the Type field in Project Task. PSTASK_ALT_TYPE is a child type of PSTASK_TYPE. If you add a new LOV value to PSTASK_ALT_TYPE, you need to specify the new LOV value in PSTASK_TYPE.

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