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About Emailing a Report

You can send a report instance (ROI) file to another Siebel user for viewing. The recipient opens the Srviewer.exe application (located in C:\Siebel\bin), clicks the Open File button, and navigates to the desired ROI file. This opens the report instance in the Actuate Report Viewer.

It is not necessary for a Siebel application to be running or for the recipient to have the view or data used in generating the report. This is because an ROI file is self-contained.

However, the Srviewer.exe program cannot be sent to a non-Siebel user. It requires that certain DLL files be installed as well as the executable.

For non-Siebel users who require electronic copies of report output, you can employ one of these alternatives:

  • Create a report that looks acceptable in HTML and send it as an HTML file. Be aware that there are limitations such as printability, the entire report being a single HTML page, and so on.
  • If the report output is present on the Reports Server, download it in PDF format and send the file.
  • For local reports, if you have the appropriate Adobe PDF printer driver installed, you can generate a PDF file by printing with that driver and then emailing the resulting file.

NOTE:  To enable email notification from the Actuate iServer System, Microsoft Exchange Server must be used as the email Server. Email notification will not work if a standard SMTP email server is used. For more information on enabling email notification, see the Administering Actuate iServer System manual in the Actuate folder of the Siebel eBusiness Third-Party Bookshelf.

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