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About Printing

If you set the paper size in the report design, the setting is ignored when the report is printed. The report will always use the default setting in the print setup. Also, the setting in the report design can only take effect if the Actuate API is used. However, the use of Actuate APIs is not recommended in Siebel eBusiness applications.

Also, if the default page size is changed on the Page Setup from Letter to Legal, when in the report viewer, the change will only last as long as your PC is not rebooted or restarted. If you restart, the default paper size reverts back to Letter page size. This behavior is relevant in the Mobile Web Client environment, which uses the Siebel Report Viewer.

For more information regarding printing, see the Using e.Reports manual in the Actuate folder of the Siebel eBusiness Third-Party Bookshelf.

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