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Adding Sorting to Reports

You can add sorting and grouping capability to a report designed with Actuate e.Report Designer, by using a custom ROL prepared in Actuate e.Report Designer Professional (for example, aclist_sorteable.rol for account list report). The ROL file is based on slightly modified Siebel Tools-generated ROL, which includes ssMemoryDataSorter on top of an existing DataStream (see Figure 9). This allows you to build entire reports enabled with wizard-based sorting and grouping.

Figure 9.  Account List Report ROL File
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To add sorting to a report

  1. Remove the dummy (or existing DataStream) data source.
  2. Choose Tools > Library Organizer and include aclist_sorteable.rol (as an example) that was created in Actuate e.Report Designer Professional.
  3. Drag and drop the Memory Sort control in the data stream slot of the Report section.
  4. Choose Tools > Sorting & Grouping.
  5. The Grouping tab of the Sorting and Grouping dialog box displays the fields available for grouping.

    These are fields in those report tables and views that have not yet been specified as group keys.

  6. On the left side of the dialog box, double-click the field to group, or select the field and click the greater than symbol (>).
  7. Actuate e.Report Designer adds a grouping field, and removes the field from both the Available Fields list and the detail frame of the report.
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