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Migrating the Actuate Report Encyclopedia Volume

The Actuate utility, acupgrade, can be used for upgrading a preRelease 6 e.Reporting Server Report Encyclopedia volume from an earlier Actuate version to the current version. Table 6 contains a listing of releases for Siebel applications with the appropriate Actuate version used with it. For more information, see the chapter on working with iServer utilities in the Administering Actuate iServer System in the Actuate folder of the Siebel eBusiness Third-Party Bookshelf.

Table 6.  Siebel Applications and Actuate e.Reporting System Releases
Siebel Application Release
Actuate e.Reporting System Release

99 (5.x)


2000 (6.0)


6.2, 6.2.1, and 6.3




7.0 (IBM release only)

5.0 SP 2 Patch 1


6.0 Fix 3 (HP release only) and

6.0 SP1


6.0 SP1 Fix 10


7 SP2

The acupgrade utility can be used for encyclopedia volumes before Actuate 5 that need to be migrated to Actuate 7. For migrating encyclopedia volumes from Actuate 6 to Actuate 7, perform the following instructions.

To migrate Actuate 6 encyclopedia volume to Actuate 7 encyclopedia

  1. Export the Actuate 6 encyclopedia volume.
  2. Install the Siebel Reports Server using the instructions in the Installing the Siebel Reports Server chapter in the Installation Guide for the operating system you are using.
  3. Import the Actuate 6 encyclopedia volume.

For more information on upgrading the Actuate iServer System, see the Installing the Actuate iServer System manual in the Actuate folder of the Siebel eBusiness Third-Party Bookshelf.

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