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Using Group Sections Overview

In Siebel reports, group break behavior is implemented through the use of a group section component in the report design.

Note that the business component records must be sorted with the group field as the primary sort key (generally in the Sort Specification property of the report object definition, if it is different from the default sort order for the business component). Otherwise, the records do not group properly.

Note also that a group section is for clustering records of a single business component, based on a field or fields in that business component. This is a different scenario from listing detail records of another business component for each master business component record. The latter scenario requires configuration of a master-detail report, as described in Master-Detail Reports. This does not preclude the use of group sections within a master-detail report, either at the master level or in one or more of the subreports.

This following examples represent reports using single group sections. Group sections can also be placed inside another group section, known as nesting groups. Nesting groups are created by placing the outermost group section in the Content slot of a report section. For more information, see the section on working with sections in the Developing Advanced e.Reports manual in the Actuate folder of the Siebel eBusiness Third-Party Bookshelf.

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