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Emailing a report as an attachment to another user is available in the method RunAndEmailReport(). The attached report will be sent as an ROI file. For viewing the ROI file, download the Actuate Viewer from the Actuate web site ( if you are using the Siebel Web Client. The Dedicated Web Client includes the Siebel Report Viewer that will allow viewing of the ROI file.

However, the following limitations do apply:

  • You can only use this method for generating and then emailing that specific report. In other words, you will not be able to send a report attachment for reports that have already been generated.
  • Related user preferences must be set manually within the Actuate Management Console. The report administrator has to specify how each user should handle report completion notification (see Receiving Email Notifications and Adding Report Attachments following this section).
  • The email message (besides the particular report) can not be customized. The format is as provided in the Siebel application.

To configure Actuate to send email (using RunAndEMailReport), run c:\Actuate7\Server\bin\mailinst.exe and setup email profile.

NOTE:  To enable email notification from the Actuate iServer, Microsoft Exchange Server must be used as the email Server. Email notification will not work if a standard SMTP email server is used. For more information about enabling email notification, see the Administering Actuate iServer System manual in the Actuate folder of the Siebel eBusiness Third-Party Bookshelf.

Receiving Email Notifications and Adding Report Attachments

For users to receive email notifications for both successful and failed requests and add reports as attachments (for successful cases), the Actuate administrator needs to make certain changes in the Actuate Management Console.

To receive email notifications and add report attachments

  1. From the Start menu, open the Management Console and log in as Actuate administrator.
  2. Click the Users icon on the left hand side.
    1. Choose a user and move the mouse pointer over the down arrow icon next to it.
    2. Select Properties from the drop-down list. Click the Jobs tab.
  3. In the section For jobs that succeed, check both Send e-mail notification and Attach document options.
  4. In the section For jobs that fail, check Send e-mail notification option.
  5. Make sure that the Create completion notice option in both sections are checked (this is the default). Click OK.

Table 42 contains the input parameters for the RunAndEmailReport business method.

Table 42.  RunAndEmailReport Parameters

Include ALL relevant parameters in ExecuteReport( ) to specify the report to be run


Comma-delimited list of users to receive email notices.





Actuate server host machine name.



Use Object Manager's ActuateReportServerHost.


Siebel Login.



User's login name, whose action triggers this business service.


Siebel Password.



User's password, whose action triggers this business service.


Actuate login name.



Same as Siebel.


Actuate password.



Query from the business component RS Employee.

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