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Changing the Locale and Language for Reports

If you need to designate a language and locale that is different from the one your Siebel application is currently using, then you will change the report parameters in User Preferences.

NOTE:  The corresponding language pack must be installed on the Siebel Reports Server in order to use this feature.

To change the locale and language for reports

  1. From the application-level menu, select Tools > User Preferences.
  2. Select Report Parameters from the link bar.

    The Behavior form applet appears.

  3. Click the Locale select button and select a locale from those available.

    The locale selected will designate the locale setting to use for formatting and displaying the report data.

    Click OK to save the locale.

  4. Click the Language select button and select a language from those available.

    The language selected will designate the language of the static text that will be displayed in the report.

    Click OK to save the language.

The language and locale of the report are generated independently of the locale in which the user is currently running Siebel eBusiness Applications. The language and locale of reports will remain as selected until changed on the Reports Parameter view.

If no strings are found for the language and locale, labels and properties are defaulted to the original ROD file values for that report.

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