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About the User Administration View

The User Administration view is only available to an administrator. This view allows the administrator to automatically create and synchronize accounts for Siebel report users in the Actuate encyclopedia volume. The administrator can synchronize one account or multiple accounts at once from this view on an ongoing basis. It is recommended that the administrator run a query in this view to synchronize users in smaller buckets, particularly when a large number of users should be synchronized.

As the result of synchronization, an account with the same user ID that appears in the Siebel applications is created on the Reports Server. Also, a default folder with this name is created on the Reports Server, and basic privileges such as read, write, and execute are granted to that user to access the folder. Each Reports Server account is created with the same user ID as the Siebel user ID and a password. This user ID and password are stored in an encrypted format in the Siebel database, to be passed to the Reports Server when needed.

The navigation path to this view is Navigate > Site Map > Reports Server > User Administration. An administrator account is established in the Actuate encyclopedia as part of the postinstallation tasks of the Reports Server (see the Siebel Installation Guide for the operating system you are using). This account allows the administrator to log in to the Actuate Management Console to perform ongoing administration tasks such as administering and cleaning up the encyclopedia volume. For more information, see About Maintaining the Siebel Reports Server.

After performing the Synchronize One or Synchronize All operations, accessible from the User Administration view, review the Application Object Manager log file (such as the Callcenter OM log) for errors that might have occurred, for example:

SyncAll : Error occurred during user creation for user X, errcode = Y

SyncOne : Error occurred during user creation for user X, errcode=Y

Synchronization errors are not reflected in the user interface.

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