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Requesting Reports in the Siebel Web Client

Users can request reports by using the Reports button that is located on the toolbar. The next section explains how to request a report using the Reports button.

To request a report in the Siebel Web Client

  1. Click the Reports button.
  2. Select the report to generate from the report listing in the drop-down menu.

From the drop-down menu of the Reports button, you can review your previously requested reports by selecting My Reports. For more information, see About the My Reports View.

Using the SOAP protocol, reports submitted from the Siebel Web Clients are run on the exports Server as transient jobs. Reports no longer run as background jobs. In this run now mode, the report is viewed as it is being generated. Using progressive viewing, the first page is displayed before the entire report is completed.

However, if the report generation fails, an error message will not be available as no completed notification is generated. Use the scheduling function to request the report again in order to review what is causing the report to fail.

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