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Scheduling Reports in the Siebel Web Client

Scheduling reports is also possible by selecting the Schedule Report from the drop-down menu after clicking the Reports button. The Schedule Report window that appears includes a drop-down listing that allows you to select the report you are scheduling.

The Schedule a Report window allows you to specify the time and date when the report is run and select the option to generate the report with a recurring frequency.

To schedule a report in the Siebel Web Client

  1. Click the Reports button and select Schedule Report.
  2. On the Schedule a Report window, select the report to schedule from the drop-down list.

    Click Schedule.

    You can schedule a report for one-time or periodic generation.

  3. In the Schedule this job section of the Schedule tab, click Once and set the date and time parameters for your report request.

    NOTE:  If a report is scheduled for a one-time generation, the default time is the current time plus an additional ten minutes.

    You can also request to schedule the report right now or to set it as a recurring report. If set as recurring, select how often you want the report to run and enter the parameter values for the starting and ending dates.

    Click the Output tab.

  4. (Optional) Accept the default or change the document and version names.
  5. (Optional) If the report file with the same name already exists, select either Create a new version or Replace the latest version.

    You can also specify the number of versions of the report that you would like to keep on the Reports Server.

    Click Submit.

You can view the status of the report from the Action status window. Click Close to close the window and return to the original view in the Siebel application.

NOTE:  Selecting Cancel job on the Action status window will delete the scheduled report request.

After the report is scheduled, you can review the My Jobs view to also check the status of the job.

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