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About the Order-of-Merit Indicator in Smart Reports

The order-of-merit indicator appears at the top right of the first page in a Smart Report and is configured in the page header. It consists of an up, down, or right arrow that indicates the merit of the opportunity, account, and so on, based on one or more criteria being analyzed in the report. The direction of the arrow depends on whether the values measured by the thermometers are above or below their triggers. Figure 23 shows the three order-of-merit indicators. A right arrow indicates that two of the three thermometers are above their triggers. The up arrow represents that all three thermometers are above their triggers.

Figure 23.  Up, Right, and Down Order-of-Merit Indicators

The order-of-merit indicator is derived from one of three predefined image components in the ssSmart.rol library: ssOrderOfMeritUpImage, ssOrderOfMeritDownImage, or ssOrderOfMeritPushImage. Code in the Finish method of the page header component determines, from the status of all thermometers relative to their targets, whether the arrow direction to display is up, down, or right.

For example, in the Account Summary report, the page header component is ssOrderOfMeritHeader1. The following code appears in the Finish method:

ArrowDirection = "DOWN"

If CustomerSatisfactionAboveTarget And PipelineThermometerAboveTarget Then

ArrowDirection = "UP"

End If

If PastRevenueThermometerAboveTarget And Not PipelineThermometerAboveTarget Then

ArrowDirection = "PUSH"

End If

In the case of this report, the order-of-merit indicator direction is based on the status of two thermometers, Past Revenue and Pipeline. If both are above target, the arrow direction is up. If Past Revenue is above target and Pipeline is not, the direction is right (called PUSH in the code example). If Past Revenue is below target, regardless of Pipeline, the direction is down.

The code that generates the Boolean values for the two xxAboveTarget variables is located in the OnRow methods of the respective thermometers, as described in Obtaining the Data Value for Use with Smart Reports.

Code in the Finish method of the page header determines the arrow direction to use and passes a value of UP, DOWN, or PUSH (the right arrow) in the ArrowDirection variable. Code in the Finish method of the page header's parent library component (ssOrderOfMeritHeader) loads and generates the arrow image for the correct direction, using image components in the ssSmart.rol library and bitmap files saved in C:\Siebdev\RPTSRC\ENU\LIB.

NOTE:  If your installation uses a non-English version of Siebel eBusiness Applications, you do not have an \ENU folder. Instead, you have a folder in the appropriate language code for your installation, such as \DEU for Germany.

See Global Deployment Guide for a list of three-letter International Standards Organization (ISO) language extensions.

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