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Installing Hummingbird SearchServer 5.3 Patch

Following successful installation of Hummingbird SearchServer 5.3, you must then install the Hummingbird SearchServer 5.3 Patch from the third party directory on the Siebel network image.

To install Hummingbird SearchServer 5.3 patch

  1. Copy the patch file from the release image to your local drive into its own directory.
  2. Navigate to your Hummingbird directory, then decompress the patch file, for example:

    ' /export/home/SearchServer<version>'

    'tar -xvf ss53DDpatch001aix.tar' (for AIX)

    'tar -xvf ss53patch001hpux.tar' (for HP-UX)

  3. Delete the patch file to save disk space.

    NOTE:  For AIX, go to DataDirect/lib directory, and run 'chmod +x *'.
    You will need executable permission to perform this task.

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