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About All Access Control

All access control provides access to all records that have a valid owner, as defined in any of the business component's view modes. The owner may be a person, a position, a valid primary position on a team, or an organization, depending on the view modes that are available for the business component.

All users with a view in their responsibilities that applies All access control see the same data in the view. A user's person or position need not be associated with the data.

All access control essentially provides a view of data across all organizations. For example, in the All Quotes across Organizations view, a user sees all the quotes that are associated with any internal or external organization in the Enterprise, for which there is a valid person, position or organization owner.

The phrases All across and All are frequently in the titles of views applying All access control. For example, the All Opportunities across Organizations and the All Service Requests views apply All access control. However, All does not always imply All access control. Some All views apply single-organization or multiple-organization access control. For example, the All Contacts view applies single-organization access control.

A separate property (Admin Mode) provides the means to see all records in a view using team access control, including those without a valid owner. Admin mode allows the administrator to modify records that otherwise no one could see. You specify Admin mode for a view in the Admin Mode Flag property.

There are no business component view modes specific to All access control. All access control is set at the view level.

For information about business component view modes, see Business Component View Modes.

For information about implementing access control in a view, see View Access Control Properties.

For information about Admin mode, see View Access Control Properties.

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