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Applet Access Control Properties

A view presents a collection of lists, forms, and trees at once, as shown in Figure 12 (Organization Chart view). These lists and forms are referred to as applets in a configuration context.

Figure 12. Examples of Applets in a Siebel Application
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Applets are reused in different views and can have different access control properties applied in different views. If visibility is defined specifically for a view, then one of the applets in the view is specified as the visibility applet. Several properties of the visibility applet drive the access control of data in the view.

You use Siebel Tools to work with applets and their properties. For more information, see Configuring Siebel Business Applications.

To view an applet's properties

  1. Launch Siebel Tools.
  2. In the Object Explorer, click + to expand the Applet object type.

    The Applet subtree appears. The Applets list also appears, as shown below.

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  3. To see a particular applet property, click the icon for its subcomponent or click + to expand the subtree for a subcomponent, and then click its subcomponent.

    A detail list for the subcomponent appears below the Applets list. Two applet properties in particular contribute to data visibility: Business Component and Display Name.

    As shown below, the Business Component field specifies the business component on which the applet is based. For example, Account List Applet uses the Account business component.

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  4. In the Object Explorer, choose Applets > List > List Columns.

    As shown in Figure 13, the List Columns list shows the business component fields that this applet will display. For each business component field, the Display Name entry in the accompanying Properties list shows how that field is labeled in the applet.

    For example, the Accounts business component can use either the Sales Rep or Organization field to determine user association with a record. It is useful to know how these fields display in the Account List Applet. The Organization field has display name Organization in the applet, but the Sales Rep field has display name Account Team.

    Figure 13. Lists and List Columns for an Applet
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