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About Personal Access Control

If individual data can be associated with a user's Person record in the database, then you can restrict access to that data to that person only.

Typically, you can implement personal access control when data has a creator or a person is assigned to the data, usually as the owner. The following are some examples:

  • In the My Service Requests view, a Web site visitor can only see the service requests he or she has created.
  • In the My Expense Reports view, an employee can see only the expense reports the employee has submitted for reimbursement.
  • In the My Activities view, a user can see only the activities the user owns.

Some views that apply personal access control are My Activities, My Personal Contacts, My Change Requests, and My Service Requests.

The words My and My Personal are frequently in the titles of views that apply personal access control. However, My does not always imply personal access control. Some My views apply position or organization access control. For example, the My Opportunities view applies position access control.

For information about business component view modes, see Business Component View Modes.

For information about implementing access control in a view, see View Access Control Properties.

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