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Editing Parameters in the eapps.cfg File

Provide the parameter values in the eapps.cfg file, as indicated by the guidelines in Table 8.

For more information about editing eapps.cfg parameters and about the purposes for the parameters, see Parameters in the eapps.cfg File.

Table 8. Parameter Values in eapps.cfg File






If these parameters are present, comment out each with a semicolon at the beginning of the line.

Do the same if these parameters are present in any other sections.

The section particular to your application, such as one of these:


where _enu is the language code for U.S. English.


Enter the user ID of the seed data user record provided for the application that you implement, or of the user record you create for the anonymous user.

This entry also matches the uid (LDAP) or sAMAccountName (ADS) entry for the anonymous user record in the directory. For example, enter GUESTCST for Siebel Service.


Enter the password you created in the directory for the anonymous user.

NOTE:  Typically, password encryption applies to the eapps.cfg file. In this case, you must specify the encrypted password—unless you provide the password through the LDAP/ADSI Configuration Utility. See Managing Encrypted Passwords in the eapps.cfg File.


If this parameter is present, comment it out with a semicolon at the beginning of the line.

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