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Testing the LDAP/ADSI Authentication System

The following tests confirm that the Siebel-provided security adapter, your LDAP or ADS directory, and the Siebel application you are implementing work together to:

  • Provide a Web page on which the user can log in.
  • Allow an authenticated user to log in.
  • Allow a user to browse anonymously, if applicable to your Siebel application.
  • Allow a user to self-register, if applicable to your Siebel application.

Figure 7 shows the home page for Siebel Service, with the embedded login form.

Figure 7. Login Form Embedded in Siebel Service Home Page
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To test your LDAP/ADSI authentication system

  1. In a Web browser, enter the URL to your Siebel application, such as:

    A Web page with a login form should appear, confirming that the anonymous user can successfully access the login page.

    The Siebel Service login form in Figure 7 includes user ID and password fields.

  2. Various links provide access to views intended for anonymous browsing. Some other links will require you to log in first.

    NOTE:  Employee applications, such as Siebel Call Center, typically do not allow anonymous browsing, while customer applications such as Siebel Service do.

  3. Navigate back to the Web page that contains the login text boxes, and then log in with the user ID and password for the test user you created. Enter TESTUSER or the user ID you created, and TESTPW or the password you created.

    More screen tabs or other application features may appear, indicating that the test user has authenticated successfully. The user record in the database provides views through the expanded responsibility of this registered user.

  4. Click the Log Out link.
  5. Repeat Step 1 to access the login page. If a New User button is present, click it.

    NOTE:  If a New User button is not present, your Siebel application, without additional configuration, does not allow users to self-register.

  6. In the Personal Information form, complete the required fields, as shown below, and then submit the form. You can complete other fields, but they are not required.

    Last Name

    Required. Enter any name.

    First Name

    Required. Enter any name.

    User ID

    Required. Enter a simple contiguous user ID, which must be unique for each user. Typically, the user provides this user ID to log in.

    Depending on how you configure authentication, the user may or may not log in with this identifier.


    Optional (required for some authentication implementations).

    Enter a simple contiguous login password. The password must conform to the syntax requirements of your authentication system, but it is not checked for conformity in this form.

    For LDAP/ADSI security adapter authentication, the password is propagated to the user directory. For database authentication, the password is propagated to the database.

    For information about user authentication architectures, see Security Adapter Authentication.

    Verify Password

    Required when Password is required.

    Challenge Question

    Required. Enter a phrase for which there is an "answer." If you later click Forgot Your Password?, this phrase is displayed, and you must enter the correct answer to receive a new password.

    Answer to Challenge Question

    Required. Enter a word or phrase that is considered the correct answer to the challenge question.

  7. Navigate to the page containing the login text fields.
  8. Login using the user ID and password you created in Step 6.

    You should log in successfully and be able to navigate in screens provided for registered users.

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