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Configuring Secure Communications for Security Adapter

Secure communications for the Siebel security adapter can be implemented in the following authentication strategies:

  • Security adapter authentication: LDAP, ADSI, custom (not database authentication)
  • Web SSO authentication

You can encrypt the communications between the Siebel LDAP or ADSI security adapter and the directory using SSL. The setup you must do differs depending on whether you implement the LDAP or ADSI security adapter.

To configure SSL for the LDAP security adapter

  • Set the SslDatabase parameter value for the security adapter (LDAPSecAdpt) to the absolute path of the file ldapkey.kdb. This file, which is generated by IBM GSK iKeyMan, contains a certificate for the certificate authority that is used by the LDAP server.

    For information about generating the SSL database file for an LDAP authentication environment, see Generating a CMS File Using IBM GSK iKeyMan.

To configure SSL for the ADSI security adapter

  1. Set up an enterprise certificate authority in your domain.
  2. Set up the public key policy so that the Active Directory Server automatically demands a certificate from that certificate authority.

For information about setting Siebel application configuration file parameters, see Siebel Application Configuration File Parameters.

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