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Configuring Checksum Validation

Checksum validation for security adapters can be implemented in the following authentication strategies:

  • Security adapter authentication: LDAP, ADSI, custom (not database authentication)
  • Web SSO authentication

Checksum validation provides a check that each user who attempts to gain access to the Siebel Database has done so through the correct security adapter.

You can implement checksum validation with the Siebel checksum utility that is included when you install your Siebel application.

Checksum validation supports the following principles:

  • A CRC (cyclical redundancy check) checksum value for the security adapter library file (such as the DLL file on Windows) is stored as a configuration parameter value for the security adapter.
  • When a security adapter provides a user identity and database account to the AOM, a checksum value is calculated for that security adapter.
  • The user is granted access if the two checksum values are equal.

To configure checksum validation

  1. Enter and run the following command at a command prompt, using the required security adapter library file name (such as the DLL file on Windows) as the argument:

    checksum -f filename

    The utility returns the checksum value. For example, the following command:

    checksum -f sscfldap.dll

    would return something similar to:

    CRC checksum for file 'sscfldap.dll' is f49b2be3

  2. For the security adapter you are using, set the CRC configuration parameter to the checksum value that is calculated in Step 1.

NOTE:  The checksum value in this procedure is an example only. You must run the checksum utility as described to generate the value that is valid for your implementation. In addition, you must recalculate the CRC checksum value and update the CRC parameter value whenever you upgrade your Siebel Business Applications.

(For previous releases, the CRC checksum value was set using the Security Adapter CRC system preference, rather than a configuration parameter.)

For information about setting Siebel configuration parameters, see Configuration Parameters Related to Authentication.

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