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User Experience for a Forgotten Password

A user who has previously self-registered can retrieve a new password, if they have forgotten their existing password. On a future login, this user can change the new password in the User Profile view.

To retrieve a new password

  1. In the login dialog box, the user clicks Forgot Your Password?

    The User Information form appears.

  2. The user completes all fields of the form, and then clicks Submit.
    • The database comparisons done with the Last Name field and First Name field entries are case-sensitive.
    • The Work Phone # entry numbers are compared with the database. The comparison disregards any separators.

      If a matching record is found, the Challenge Question form appears.

  3. The user enters the answer to the challenge question.

    If the challenge question is answered correctly, the New Password Confirmation dialog box appears with a new password for the user.

  4. Click Continue.
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