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Adding a New Contact User

Users who are not employees or partner users do not have positions. These users include, for example, customers who use Siebel Sales or students who use Siebel Training. They are called customer or contact users to distinguish them from employee and partner users.

Contacts, such as contacts at a customer account, can exist in the database without having login capability. You create such contacts as Persons in the Administration - User screen. The procedure in this section applies to contact users to whom you are providing a login to the Siebel Database.

CAUTION:  You can modify field values for existing contact users, such as in the event of a name change. However, changing the user ID for such a user presents special issues, because this ID may be stored in various types of records, using a field such as CREATOR_LOGIN (where a foreign key to the user record is not used instead). Values for such fields are not automatically updated when the user ID is updated. If you change the user ID, you must manually update such values in other records.

To add a new contact user

  1. Log in as an administrator to a Siebel employee application, and then choose Navigate > Site Map > Administration - User > Users.

    The Users list appears.

  2. Add a new record.
  3. Complete the following fields, then save the record. Use the indicated guidelines.

    Last Name

    Required. Enter any name.

    First Name

    Required. Enter any name.

    User ID

    Required. Enter a simple contiguous user ID, which must be unique for each user. Typically, the user provides this user ID to log in.

    Depending on how you configure authentication, the user may or may not log in with this identifier.


    Optional (required for some authentication implementations).

    Enter a simple contiguous login password. The password must conform to the syntax requirements of your authentication system, but it is not checked for conformity in this form.

    For LDAP/ADSI security adapter authentication, the password is propagated to the user directory. For database authentication, the password is propagated to the database.

    For information about user authentication architectures, see Security Adapter Authentication.


    Pick one or more accounts to associate to the user. Specify one as the primary account. By default, the user sees this account when he or she logs in. For information about the function of the account in delegated administration, see Delegated Administration of Users.


    Pick one or more responsibilities which include appropriate views in the customer application, such as Siebel Service, for this user. If the administrator who creates this user has a value in their New Responsibility field, then that responsibility is assigned to this user by default.

    New Responsibility

    If the administrator who creates this user has a value in the New Responsibility field, then that responsibility is assigned to this field by default. For information about the New Responsibility field, see New Responsibility Field for User Record.

    Time Zone

    Choose a time zone so that times for events can be expressed in terms of this zone.

    User Type

    This field serves as a filter so that different applications can query for contact users only applicable to each particular application.

    Work Phone #

    Home Phone #

    Fax #

    The application interprets only the digits the user provides. Any separators are disregarded.

    The new user appears in the Users list.

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