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Registering Contact Users—Delegated Administration

A delegated administrator who uses a Siebel customer application must belong to at least one account. The delegated administrator registers a user in the currently active account. The new user inherits membership in that account.

A delegated administrator must assign at least one responsibility to a new user. A delegated administrator only has responsibilities, including seed responsibilities, available for assigning to users that your host company associates with the organization with which the delegated administrator is associated.

The delegated administrator is associated with the organization to which the proxy employee for the application belongs. The proxy employee is provided as seed data and is associated with the default organization. As with other seed data that Siebel Systems provides, you cannot modify the proxy employee. This means that to associate a delegated administrator with an organization other than the default organization, you need to make a copy of the proxy employee record and rename it. You then assign the renamed proxy employee to the organization that you want to associate the delegated administrator with. A responsibility is associated with an organization by an administrator at your company using an employee application such as Siebel Call Center.

For example, if the application object manager in use is the eCustomer Object Manager (ENU) and the proxy employee (PROXYE) is assigned the position Proxy Employee in Default Organization, the eCustomer Object Manager (ENU) runs under the Default Organization context. If you need to run the eCustomer Object Manager (ENU) under the China Organization, you create a copy of:

  • eCustomer Object Manager (ENU) and rename it (for example, eCustomer_China)
  • Proxy Employee and rename it (for example, PROXYE_CHINA)

You then assign the modified proxy employee (PROXYE_CHINA) to a position in the China Organization. This results in the application (http://WebServer/eCustomer_China) connecting to the China Organization because PROXYE_CHINA is associated with a position in this organization.

For more information on the proxy employee, see Seed Employee.

To register a new customer user (by a delegated administrator)

  1. Log into a Siebel customer application that implements delegated administration, such as Siebel Sales or Siebel Service.

    NOTE:  The delegated administrator must have user type Web Delegated Customer Admin.

  2. Click My Account, and then click User Administration under My Company.

    Lists of delegated accounts and associated users appears, as shown below. The lists may vary somewhat by application.

    Click for full size image
  3. In the Delegated Accounts list, select the account with which you want to associate the new user.

    The users in this account appear in the Users list.

  4. Create a new record.
  5. Complete the following fields, then save the record. Use the indicated guidelines.

    Last Name

    Required. Enter any name.

    First Name

    Required. Enter any name.

    User ID

    Required. Enter a simple contiguous user ID, which must be unique for each user. Typically, the user provides this user ID to log in.

    Depending on how you configure authentication, the user may or may not log in with this identifier.


    Optional (required for some authentication implementations).

    Enter a simple contiguous login password. The password must conform to the syntax requirements of your authentication system, but it is not checked for conformity in this form.

    For LDAP/ADSI security adapter authentication, the password is propagated to the user directory. For database authentication, the password is propagated to the database.

    For information about user authentication architectures, see Security Adapter Authentication.


    Pick one or more responsibilities, such as a seed responsibility provided for contact users. If the delegated administrator who creates this user has a value in the New Responsibility field, then that responsibility is assigned to this user by default. For information about the New Responsibility field, see New Responsibility Field for User Record.

    Home Phone #

    Work Phone #

    Work Fax #

    The application interprets digits only in these telephone number entries. Any separators are disregarded.

    The new record appears in the Users list.

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