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Synchronizing Siebel Users to the Reports Server

Synchronization is the process of creating accounts for Siebel users on Actuate iServer and is required for users to run, schedule, and view reports in Reports Server views.

To synchronize Siebel users to the Reports Server

  1. Log in to the Siebel Business application as the Siebel Reports Administrator.
  2. From the application-level menu, select Navigate > Site Map > Reports Server > User Administration.

    NOTE:  The recommendation is to synchronize users in smaller buckets, particularly when a large number of users is synchronized.

  3. With the first user highlighted, click Synchronize One.

    The Siebel Users window appears.

  4. Type the Reports Administrator user name and password.

    A confirmation message, stating that the user was successfully added to the Reports Server, appears in the Siebel Users window.

  5. For the remaining users, click Synchronize All.

    NOTE:  You will not see the Siebel Users login window again as long as you remain in the same view.

    After the users have been synchronized, a confirmation window appears, displaying the total number of new user accounts added to the Reports Server. This confirmation message may also include the number of users already found to exist on the Reports Server.

  6. If users are being synchronized in smaller buckets, repeat Step 5.

Before synchronizing Siebel users, the Reports Administrator must create an account on the Actuate iServer, using an account name that has Siebel administrator privileges, such as SADMIN, and assign the administrative role to that account by using Actuate Management Console.

The administrator should review the Administering Actuate iServer System manual before setting up an account for the administrator using Actuate Management Console.

NOTE:  If the database is refreshed, the Siebel Reports administrator should perform the user synchronization again to make sure that the Reports Server passwords for these users, which are stored in the Siebel Database, match what is stored in the Actuate iServer.

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